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Our Tavern



The "PANORAMA" tavern is located in Palaro Aitoloakarnania and serves its customers with the best and most quality flavors. In the coastal town of Paleros with a strong island color is the Panorama tavern, which serves a wide variety of food.
What characterizes our tavern is the good and clean food and the variety of tastes we offer. The materials we use are always fresh and healthy.
Our place is next to the sea, predisposing for good food and good moments. Careful and clean environment and excellent service from our shop staff.
In our tavern you will have the chance to taste Greek traditional food, delicious pizzas and Indian food.
We are waiting for you to taste our food and spend wonderful time!

PALAIROS, Aitolokarnania 30012 /
Phone: 2643041042
Cell: 6978701640